New Siding Can Give Your Home a Unique Appeal!

It’s the details that make it beautiful. It’s the science that makes it different.

Like the bark on a tree or the skin on your body, siding is a home’s front line of protection against the elements.

To do its job, siding must be sun- and water-resistant, able to withstand extremes in temperature, and stay in place when the wind blows too hard. It’s a part of your house that’s relatively easy to install, and one that will eventually need to be renewed, repaired or replaced, some types sooner than others.

Siding also plays a big part in the overall scheme of a home’s appearance, so certain types of siding are associated with distinct architectural styles – clapboards (Federal Colonial), brick (Georgian), Shingle-style, etc. In addition to the historically traditional varieties of siding (wood, stone, stucco, etc.) there are types made of more modern materials such as vinyl, aluminum, concrete, and engineered wood.

Better overall value

  • The realistic look of wood, but without the costly upkeep of  repainting year after year.

Strong yet lightweight construction

  • Easier to install than fiber cement, wood or other engineered-wood products. No potential health hazards from silica dust.

Engineered to Last

  • Performance-engineered to resist high winds, moisture, flame spread/smoke development, termites and impact damage from dents, dings or abrasions.

Lasting Colour

  • Fortified with weatherable pigments to ensure superb color retention, including  darker hues.

Siding Inspiration

Looking for new siding for your home or business but not sure what you want? We’ll provide the visual ingredients to get you started. Your job is to decide what excatly your looking for for your home/business and we’ll make it happen!

Before & After Projects

See how replacing your siding can transform your home.




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