Add a Beautiful Finish to Your Home’s Exterior

How to Get Started

The exterior of a home is the first glance into the property. While some clients prefer classic colours and finishes, others may prefer to combine multiple finishes and bolder colours. We’ve worked with a variety of clients and a variety of visual tastes. Over the years, we’ve learned how to take each client’s vision and make it into a workable plan. We don’t shy away from clients who have unique ideas for what they would like their property to look like.

Vinyl Siding

The exterior finishing for residential construction. Reasons for vinyl include lots of colours to choose from, different profiles for different tastes, long life & low maintence. How can you lose?

Metal Cladding

Have some rough edges around the house? Don’t worry we have you covered. Custom bent metal is able to transform the look of your home or business. You’ll call it art we’ll call it a day with another satisfied customer.

Seamless Eaves Trough

We offer three different kinds of trough for your own personal touch, including copper embossed with a lovely “Ashley” pattern. We offer five profile designs along with a fastening system that is invisible!

Leaf Guard

Every year you look up and say maybe just maybe this year I’ll clean my gutters. Let us offer you a solution, we install two kinds of leaf guards. One of which is installed with new Eaves as a fastening system, the other is able to be installed on current trough saving you your investment.