Dear Valued Customer:

Due to ongoing drought conditions in Mexico, a significant supplier of ASA (a critical material in some vinyl siding) has been forced to cease production and has declared Force Majeure.  The impact of this supplier is directly related to dark color offerings in the vinyl siding industry.

As a result of planned investments in our inventory positions and overall operations and supply chain capabilities, we are in a strong position to continue to meet the needs of the market. We source ASA from multiple suppliers to mitigate potential supply disruptions such as this one.

While this situation is dynamic and could change quickly, we do not anticipate an immediate need to adjust our supply to the market. We are committed to frequent communications to keep you informed of our position. 

We appreciate your partnership and continue to offer a comprehensive color palette across a broad portfolio of vinyl, metal and composite cladding products to meet your siding needs. Please consult with your Sales Representative on how we can best support your business or to answer any questions you may have.


Associated Materials Management Team

Mitten announcement: All ASA Colours Available to Order!