This morning I received an email from a lovely young woman named Kendra. Her father had sent her my way when her boyfriend and her had made the enormous decision to build a new house together.

After giving her a price on new windows, I was given a response that they would discuss and get back to me. I will edit her email address from this post to protect Kendra but thought that it would be a good opportunity to share with those not in the industry the reasons why certain things like Low E and Argon are and should be required in all fenestration products and why they should be regulated. I also thought it would be a good way to show those that are in the industry, that it’s not necessary to be all righteous and hardcore but how to answer someone truthfully and effectively without lowering your standards even if it costs you the job.

Having a real conversation with your customers without running them over with all kinds of technical numbers and information that they may or may not ‘get’ will not do you any favors to earn their trust or their business but treating them like adults that deserve your time and energy to explain to them properly might. And it might earn you their respect also.

From Kendra at 9:01 am Friday July 5, 2019

Good morning Tamara, 

I am just wondering if you could explain the low emissive coating & argon thing that was included in the quote? We don’t think we need that; just plain triple pane windows would be great 🙂


My response at 12:09 pm Friday July 5, 2019

Good Afternoon Kendra.

Low emissive coating (see and argon (see are what make windows energy effective. The coating helps to protect your home and belongings from the damaging rays of the sun by reflecting most of those rays back into the atmosphere. Imagine having a great big magnifying glass and holding it up to your furniture, floors and other items in your home while the sun is beating through that. Within a short period of time, everything starts to fade, drys out and you have to replace it. That is what the coating on the glass helps to prevent.

The argon acts like an insulator between the panes of glass to keep your house warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months. It also helps your utility bills to be lowered with both heating and cooling and has the added bonus of reducing your carbon footprint. Think of it like having an invisible blanket between you and the outdoors – without it, your new home won’t be as warm and neither will you. There are drawbacks to using argon gas in windows but to date the window industry has found it to be the least expensive of gases available. Our manufacturers also are confident enough in the effectiveness of argon and their products to provide the consumer with a lifetime warranty on all components with the exception of glass breakage since we all know accidents happen.

Last year, the government put out a rebate program to help home owners to reduce the amount of carbon footprints they were leaving behind. Those guidelines were strict and severe with no deviation on the plan but it was designed to wake up and shake up both homeowners and contractors alike. That rebate no longer exists because Premiere Doug Ford took it away for Ontarians but he couldn’t stop the Federal Government from putting through the carbon tax. Soon what will happen and is happening right now is that no new builds will be approved without measures being put in place to protect our environment. Natural Resources Canada, Fenestration Canada, SAWDAC and WindowWise have been working tirelessly in and with the Energy Star division to have manufacturers that don’t fix the problem removed from the programs they currently enjoy. By the year 2025, there won’t be any choices except to go with what is approved for Canada which will all be one big Zone unlike it is now with 3 separate zones. Is this right? That’s not for me to decide for you but it is for me to help you understand why taking the steps to put in the best possible Energy Efficient window there is on the market will be the right thing for you to do now while you still have a choice. This is still going to be your forever home that you are building so I believe you should have a forever product to help you have more down the road. 

Lastly, I should also let you know that as a Energy Star, SAWDAC and Window Wise approved Dealer and Installer, I cannot provide you with a window that deviates from that mandate such as putting in windows, doors and other products that are not approved by those governing bodies. I hope that I have cleared this up for you and that you take the time to read the links provided so that you can better understand why. Either way you choose to go and with whatever company you choose to go with for your products, I wish you and your boyfriend the very best with your new build and your new life together and we at SRS Windows and Doors are very happy that you came to us first.

Miigwech (Thank you) and Take care, 

 Tamara Sheedy