What Are Seamless Eaves Trough?

The term “seamless” gutter is actually a misnomer for “continuous” eaves trough. When first developed, the portable roll forming equipment we now call gutter machines were described as seamless roll. SRS Windows and Doors Inc. uses a hidden heavy duty hanger system with screws installed approximately every two feet. Our advanced fastening system utilizes the very best hidden hanger there is on the market.

If you have ever walked out of your home and been drenched at the door, you thought about eaves troughs. If you have installed costly landscaping, only to see it wash away after the first rain; or if you have unsightly stains on your siding or brick, you have thought about eaves troughs. If you have cracks in your walls, floor, or ceilings; or your house is 8″ lower at the back door than at the front entrance due to settling and foundation problems, you have given a lot of thought to eaves troughs. Improper drainage around your home can be unsightly and extremely costly. Do not be reluctant to invest between 1/2 percent and 1 percent of the cost of your home in a drainage system. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make.

There are various types of rain carrying systems: copper, galvanized steel, painted steel, and painted aluminum are the most well known. Copper is the heaviest and most expensive with aluminum being the lightest, less expensive and most commonly used system.

When it comes to eaves trough you’ve never really had a choice till today. Everyone on your street has the same K-style eaves trough profile. We think that’s great since it does its job but doesn’t the biggest investment in your life deserve to have a personalized touch? One that makes it stand out and gives it extra curb appeal? We offer multiple profile designs along with a fastening system that is invisible. The days of the rusty nails in the face of the gutter are all gone! SRS Windows and Doors Inc. is your premiere solution for all your gutter and eaves trough needs. With our new state of the art Mach II gutter machine, we can give you the traditional profile or add an embossing to your trough with the ‘Ashley’ pattern and the new 'Diplomat' pattern (a classic egg and dart pattern seen on a lot of historic homes) - a beautiful addition to your home.

We offer complete professional installation, backed by a solid warranty and fully covered with liability insurance and WSIB coverage. We also offer free in home estimates in Thunder Bay. Call us for more information or a free, no obligation estimate.



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