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  • By Tamara Sheedy

It was announced on June 19, 2018, the GreenON program was terminated effective immediate. Any signed contracts in the works would be honored PROVIDING the installation was completed by August 31, 2018 and all rebate applications are submitted by September 30, 2018. Any new contracts would be discarded. Please see for continued postings and updates.

This will require contractors to double down and hustle. In a world with immediate needs and wants being fulfilled at the simple push of a button, the fenestration industry has continued to be a custom based industry. The expectation to be able to wrap up or complete jobs in a 10 week time frame is unrealistic. The normal and realistic time would be closer to the 12-16 weeks period however with this incentive...



Pella now offers built-in security sensors for several of its window, patio door, and entry door lines, giving homeowners peace of mind without detracting from the units' appearance. An expansion of Pella’s Insynctive smart solutions line, the factory-installed sensors are available for Designer Series windows and patio doors and Architect Series and Pella entry doors. A Status Indicator lets homeowners know at a glance...

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Canadian Company Develops New High-Performance Building System


  • By Nigel F. Maynard

Quebec, Canada-based BONE Structure says it has developed a new building system that constructs stronger, more energy-efficient homes than the industry currently builds. “We have been building houses the same way for 400 years,” says Marc A. Bovet, founder and president of the company.The cost keeps going up and the quality down. A BONE Structure custom home is one that is healthy, energy efficient, and built to last generations.” BONE Structure homes are made primarily from laser-cut-steel components with pre-planned, ready-made highways” to accommodate plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. Precut insulation panels clip into place between the steel columns and soya-based foam insulation is sprayed on the exterior to seal the building and act as a vapor...


CODES AND STANDARDS - Can Licensing Be Fixed?

  • By John Caulfield

The first question that the Mark IV Builders website advises homeowners to ask before hiring any contractor is “Are you licensed?” Yet it’s clear that this Maryland-based company’s owner, Mark Scott, a builder-turned-remodeler with 35 years of experience, has lost faith in the value of a license as a credential. “While the intent [of a license] is to protect the homeowner, the reality is nowhere near that,” Scott says. He believes licensing has little influence on homeowners in a state where 5,000 licensed contractors, he says, capture only about 40 percent of the available work. Unlicensed contractors operate in virtually every nook and cranny of...


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